As a global supply chain business with over 240 branches around the world, Mainfreight offers sophisticated logistics solutions in and out of the most dynamic economies in the world. With their headquarters in Auckland, Mainfreight is the largest freight company in New Zealand.


Moving into their new building in Epping, Mainfreight wanted a fully comprehensive AV solution to support their 200+ employees commencing work there and so in order to maintain the high level of technology in their Epping facility, Boutique Technologies were again chosen to outfit their new location. They wanted the ability to communicate with their offices in many other national locations and have multiple spaces to be both flexible in their capacity for strategic useage but at the same time have the ability to be set up quickly.

One particularly large space would need to be split into three adjoining meeting rooms to operate separately or to be used as one large room as a whole. Furthermore, eight other meeting spaces would be required to fulfil Mainfreight’s daily operational demands, all of them requiring audio visual systems to compliment the room aesthetic, provide ease of use and support Mainfreight’s staff.


In their training area, three adjoining rooms can now be easily transformed into one, two or three areas of focus. Three Ipad’s were used, eliminating the need for multiple remotes and simplifying the control of the individual AV and electronic components of each room by staff and presenters.

When separated, each room has it’s own control, a dedicated 75” large flat display panel, in-ceiling speakers and a simple input interface for anyone to show their presentation with ease.

A Cisco Video Conferencing system enables Mainfreight to easily communicate face-to-face with wide-spread employees, allowing for the transferal of knowledge, increased productivity and improving inter-office relations.

In their main reception a number of panels have been utilised as digital signage displaying pertinent information to clients and guests as they arrive promoting their core values whilst maintaining their brand message.

Ease of use has been paramount to control the technologies in the eight other rooms, and for this, each controller is simple in it’s design and practical in it’s application to support it’s staff in getting their message across.


YEAR | 2016

  • Smart Home Automation
  • Custom iPad interface
  • Custom iPhone interface
  • Voice Control
  • Lighting Design
  • Lighting Control
  • Animated Feature Lighting
  • Bespoke Equipment Rack
  • Security & Access Control


  • Project Planning
  • Audio-Visual Design
  • Control & Automation Solution
  • Boardroom & Conferencing Solutions
  • Training Room Solutions