Boutique AV’s Automation and Control solutions can radically improve a range of business functions. Our products are extremely flexible and do not require any development costs. They are safe and have been used nationally and internationally.

Automation for Business

Boutique AV’s commercial automation systems aren’t just for impressing clients and guests. Although that is one of the side effects. Rather, our robust systems deliver a variety of defined and measurable business benefits. Benefits that all businesses, from industrial grounds to security-conscious consumers, can harness.

Reduced energy consumption

Wondering how installing electronics can actually help save on your power bill? It’s all about efficiency. Switching lights off automatically when nobody’s on the premises. Turning equipment, machinery and technology off when idle for a certain length of time. Dimming lights when appropriate. Lowering blinds according to the suns positioning to keep rooms cooler. The extra power usage incurred here and there by human error, can be cut out completely thanks to our automated solutions.

Improved safety and security

Scheduling lights to switch on or off during key times, to triggering door locking protocols in the event of a break-in, nothing is too difficult for our team. Automated security solutions such as arm/disarm integrated scenes to trigger standard and perimeter flood lighting, security roller doors, time delay locks and many others – we’ve got you covered.

Efficient tasking, happier staff, lower costs

You may be surprised at just how many routine tasks can be replaced by automation. Setting up AV systems for a boardroom Video Conference? Greeting and admitting guests at the entrance to your premises? Monitoring the AC on a hot day? Setting zone-specific alarms before closing up? Lowering blinds around the building? Adjusting lighting brightness for important presentation? Turning on and off the background music, TVs and marketing panels daily? Tasks that may take support staff minutes or even hours can be eliminated, leaving them free to concentrate on the tasks that really matter.

Getting started

Still not sure where automation could take your business? Find out more by arranging a no-obligation consultation with the Boutique AV team. To schedule a time at our showroom, call 1300 933 933, or email us.

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