Digital Signage

Your organisation’s signage is often the first chance that clients, customers or guests get to form an impression. Make sure that impression is on point – and add value to their experience while you’re at it – with digital signage solutions from Boutique AV.

Versatile, interactive, engaging

Digital signage goes far beyond traditional static signage. It can inform, attract, engage, impress, motivate, assist, and more. Digital signage can be adjusted to different lighting conditions, different audiences, and different communication purposes.

Think LED panels with custom sizing, custom configuration, and designed into your room’s architecture. Think premise(s) directory kiosks with clear, smart and simple interfaces. Think entertainment, news and advertising on a grand scale.

The Boutique AV team looks at providing the best suited hardware and software to deliver digital signage solutions for your organisations, from boutiques and service businesses to local governments. Wherever you are, whatever message you want to get across, however you want to interact with your clientele and visitors, we can make it happen.

Stunning state-of-the-art components

Thanks to our direct relationships with Australia’s premier importers and suppliers, Boutique AV has access to an exciting range of signage and media management that will cater to your requirements.

Whether you’ve got a digital sign design ready, or just want to explore your options, we’re happy to help. To arrange a consultation, contact our showroom on 1300 933 933 or by email.

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