Landscape Audio

Beachside resorts. Five star hotels. Boutique accommodation. Converted warehouse cafes. Concert amphitheatres. Sprawling botanical venues. Pub beer gardens. No matter the size, scale or grandeur, no venue is immune to the challenges of audio engineering in a volatile outdoor space.

Your challenge

Venue owners and managers face a variety of issues when it comes to landscape audio design. Not only is there the guest experience to consider, but council compliance, liquor/entertainment licensing compliance, and budgeting for maintenance.

Common challenges include isolating noise from neighbours, integrating with live music equipment, and ensuring even coverage throughout the outdoor space.

In many venues, music is simply blasted at maximum volume from a single point, such as a stage side area or mounted speaker. This means that, depending on where guests are standing within a given space, they may hear vastly different versions of the same thing. Choosing sheer volume over strategic placement and carefully selected speaker technology also means sound reaches indoor spaces and neighbouring premises, where it’s not wanted.

Your solution

From a sound engineer and audiophile’s point of view, the solution is clear: landscape audio. Landscape audio is a broad-brush phase, used to describe complete sound systems specifically made for outdoor spaces. In other words, systems that don’t compromise between sound quality and aesthetics.

We’ve chosen the world’s premier designer and manufacturer of landscape audio solutions as our preferred supplier.

Based in southern California, they’ve been creating purpose-built speakers and components for outdoor settings since the ‘80s. Their satellite speakers, subwoofers and SLS systems are considered the gold standard for unobtrusive outdoor audio with mind-blowing sound quality.

Trust Boutique AV with your landscape audio investment

Boutique AV staff are proud to be recommended installers of our suppliers’ systems. With outstanding product knowledge and demonstrated applied design expertise, we’re ideally placed to help you make the most of the entire range.

Through our suppliers, we also have exclusive access to genuine sound engineering services. Using your floor plans and other available data, tertiary-qualified engineers will draft a custom solution from scratch, which can then be implemented by the Boutique AV team.

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