Theft protection. Safety monitoring. Selective access. Protected storage. No matter what type of organisation you’re running, security is a prime consideration. Quality security systems and protocols can prevent monetary loss, loss of stock, vandalism and destruction to your premises and equipment, safety breaches and injuries, and other forms of damage.

A Safer Environment For Everyone

If you’re currently only using a standard lock and key system with no security at all – Boutique AV can help.

As a coordinated team of specialists, we offer a variety of solutions including remote security automation, individually programmed access control, CCTV monitoring, and more. We work closely with all security stakeholders to develop a system that meets the requisite standards.

Offering custom design and installation, state of the art technology and creative scalable options for all organisations, Boutique AV is ideally placed to meet your needs. Discretion and attention to detail are our top priorities.

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