Lighting & Control by Boutique AV is where innovation meets artistry, transforming your home into a canvas of light and sophistication. Discover the seamless harmony of our lighting control solutions alongside the exquisite benefits of lighting design, feature lighting, animated pixel-mapped LED strips, and exterior architectural lighting.

Intelligent Lighting Harmony

Our approach to designing tailored lighting control systems introduces you to the seamless synchronisation of Elegant Intelligence. With a simple button press, your entire home lighting orchestrates a symphony, adapting to the rhythm of your lifestyle.

Customised Scheduling, Enhanced by Design

Collaborate with our experts to not only control lighting but also craft a custom design that enhances the beauty of your space. Experience the benefits of personalised scheduling and lighting design, creating an atmosphere that resonates with your unique style.

Feature Lighting Elegance

Illuminate your space with feature lighting, where every fixture becomes a statement. Boutique AV brings you the elegance of feature lighting, turning each element into a work of art that complements your interior design.

Dynamic Pixel-mapped LED Strips

Experience the future of lighting with animated pixel-mapped LED strips. These dynamic strips allow for mesmerising light displays, transforming your space with vibrant colours and patterns, adding a touch of innovation and visual allure to your home.

Exterior Architectural Brilliance

Extend the beauty beyond your walls with exterior architectural lighting. Showcase the architectural marvel of your home, creating a captivating exterior ambiance that enhances curb appeal and makes a lasting impression.

Energy Management, Aesthetic Efficiency

Our Lighting and Control philosophy emphasises energy management not just for efficiency but as an integral part of aesthetic excellence. Control lights seamlessly and save energy while enjoying the enhanced visual appeal of a thoughtfully designed lighting system.

Security & Tranquility, Illuminated

Go beyond mere illumination; our lighting control systems enhance security and tranquillity. Program lights strategically to welcome you home or create a secure ambience. Toggle lighting with a touch from your bedside or replicate normal lighting habits during vacations for added security.

Intuitive Control Hub

Access lighting control and more through your smart device using our bespoke Integration and Automation solutions. Seamlessly integrate lighting with other smart home control systems such as AV control, security, door access control, heating & cooling. Enjoy complete command of your home at your fingertips.

Simplicity Redefined, Now with Artistry

Our systems don’t just simplify; they redefine simplicity with an artistic touch. Our custom lighting control interfaces introduce the artistry of lighting design and control and the unique nature of your home and lifestyle, ensuring that your home not only functions seamlessly but is a work of visual brilliance.

Welcome to the world of Lighting & Control by Boutique AV, where technology, design, and innovation unite to create an ambiance that transcends the ordinary. Illuminate your home with sophistication and style.

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