Control & Automation

Experience the convenience of seamless living with Integration & Automation by Boutique AV. Our smart home control systems redefine how you interact with your living space, simplifying the complexities of technology into a unified, automated interface that effortlessly ties everything together.

Simplified Control, Infinite Possibilities

Bid farewell to the need for expertise in every home technology. Our Integration and Automation systems streamline the control of lights, climate, AV, blinds, shutters, and more into a simplified interface. Whether it’s iPhone, iPad, voice control, schedules, occupancy sensing, weather-based, or seasonal triggers, you only need to choose the style of interaction that suits you.

Effortless Energy Management

Enjoy an energy-efficient home without lifting a finger. Lights, climate, and AV gracefully switch off when you leave and arm your home. Blinds and shutters automatically close, reducing energy waste. Programmed temperature sensors optimise HVAC usage, ensuring comfort without overuse.

Climate Control, Personalised Comfort

Make every arrival a warm welcome or a cool oasis. Our systems intelligently switch on heating or cooling when you’re an hour away, ensuring your home is the epitome of comfort upon your arrival. Personalised climate control effortlessly.

Lighting Harmony, Tailored to You

Experience lighting scenes that unfold as you arrive, with your favourite groups of lights illuminating automatically. Our truly automated lighting system adapts to your preferences, creating a customised ambiance with a touch of elegance.

Access Control, Secure & Simplified

Press night mode as you head to bed, and witness all doors automatically lock and arm around your property. Forgot a family member was coming over? Grant remote access through our secure systems. Security, simplified.

Entertainment Bliss at Your Fingertips

Transform your space with a single touch. Illuminate all areas to the ideal level for entertaining, with your favourite playlist playing across speakers at the exact volume and quality you desire—effortless entertainment at your fingertips.

Anywhere, Anytime Control

The true beauty of home automation lies in its accessibility. Control your systems from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Open the app on your tablet or smartphone and manage everything – from lighting and security to climate and access control – with a simple touch. Multiple users ensure a connected experience for the entire household.

Unified Living, Effortless Enjoyment

Our Integration and Automation solutions unify your living experience, ensuring that technology works for you effortlessly. Simplified control meets infinite possibilities, enhancing every moment.

Embrace a life where every interaction with your home is as simple as a touch or spoken word.

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