Discreet Technologies

Discreet Technologies, or as we like to call it, “Elegant Intelligence”, is where cutting-edge technology seamlessly blends with elegant design to transform your living space. It’s our speciality and passion to ensure that the latest advancements in lifestyle technology enhance your home without compromising its aesthetics.

Invisible Speakers

Immerse yourself in superior sound without sacrificing style. Our 100% completely Invisible Speakers discreetly integrate into your surroundings, delivering a rich audio experience without visible hardware.

Hidden Speakers in Custom Cabinetry

Elevate your space with speakers concealed within custom cabinetry, bulkheads or other architectural elements and furniture. Enjoy premium audio quality while maintaining a sleek and clutter-free environment.

Automated Hidden TVs

Experience the magic of hidden TVs that seamlessly appear when you desire. Whether TVs lift out of the floor, fold down from the roof, or slide out of a wall, our automated and motorised solutions redefine how technology complements your living space. It keeps the technology out of sight when not in use, and let’s be honest, it’s always exciting to see the reaction guests have when you press a button and your TV magically appears!

Artful Concealment

Turn your TV into a masterpiece by hiding it behind mirrors or artwork. Enjoy the best of both worlds—captivating visuals and a design that reflects your style. There’s no longer a need to compromise your aesthetics for functionality and convenience.

Stretch Fabric Panels

Unleash your creativity with stretch fabric panels that not only match but enhance the aesthetics of any room. Conceal technology and acoustic treatment materials effortlessly blend functionality with sophistication.

At Boutique AV, anything is possible when it comes to integrating technology into your home. Our goal is to empower you to embrace the features of the latest AV technology without compromising the beauty of your living space.

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