Distributed Video

Welcome to the seamless world of Distributed Video. Elevate your home entertainment experience as displays come to life in every room, indoors and outdoors, all orchestrated from a centralised equipment haven.

Unified Entertainment

Experience the convenience of having displays in multiple rooms and outdoor spaces, all linked to a central rack. Start watching a movie in your home cinema and effortlessly transition it to your bedroom, ensuring you never miss a cinematic moment. Keep a watchful eye on the Grand Final broadcast while preparing snacks in the kitchen, then move into the Media Room when the action kicks off. There is no need to fiddle with remotes and settings for different TVs and devices, just sit back and enjoy!

Dynamic Multi-display Viewing

Immerse yourself in the ultimate viewing flexibility. Watch the same content simultaneously on multiple displays, perfect for hosting parties or enjoying a sporting event as you move from room to room. Our Distributed Video solutions seamlessly synchronise your entertainment experience.

Cost-efficiency in Entertainment

Save money and eliminate the need for multiple streaming devices and Blu-ray players for each TV. With our Distributed Video solutions, one centralised rack powers every display, streamlining your entertainment setup and maximising cost efficiency.

Sophisticated Central Control

Our Distributed Video solutions are designed for sophistication and control. Manage all your displays effortlessly from a centralised system, providing you with a user-friendly and elegant entertainment experience.

Neat, Hidden & Everywhere.

Enjoy the luxury of having entertainment everywhere without the clutter. Our systems keep cables and devices neatly hidden in a rack, ensuring a clean and organised home while providing you with access to entertainment in every corner. This methodology also prolongs the life of your video sources and keeps curious kids and playful pets away from cables, ensuring your devices stand the test of time.

Welcome to the future of Distributed Video with Boutique AV. Where entertainment seamlessly follows you, creating a dynamic, flexible, and elegant home viewing experience.

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