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Home automation means setting yourself free from endless mundane tasks. From manually switching on your individual lights to raising the blinds, from setting the climate control to putting on alarms, and even setting up for a night of entertaining. It means spending seconds, not minutes or hours interacting with technologies in your home.

It means getting your free time back. And enjoying your sanctuary like never before. Thanks to the team at Boutique AV, home automation isn’t just for the futurist anymore. Our audio visual, security, lighting, IT networking and system designers deliver systems properly integrated and suited to the unique demands of each household we work with.

What can be automated?

Never experienced the convenience and aesthetic thrill of home automation before? You’re in for a treat. Just about anything that you’d do manually can be done automatically as you carry on with normal tasks around your home.

Central customised control systems designed by Boutique AV will allow you to use a graphic user interface customised to you, enabling you to control a variety of subsystems, locally and remotely including:

  • Energy management – lights, climate and AV will automatically switch off when you leave and arm your home, while your blinds and shutters will automatically close on your way out.
  • Thermal management – blinds will automatically retract when a certain level of sunlight is detected, programmed indoor/outdoor temperatures sensors will help reduce the need to overuse your HVAC systems.
  • Climate control – switch on heating or cooling when you’re an hour away from home, to ensure the home is comfortable upon arrival.
  • Lighting control – automatically run lighting scenes when you’re having your favourite groups of lights automatically turn on when you arrive home. A lighting system can be truly automated and customised to your requirements.
  • Access control – on your way to bed, press night mode on your system and have all doors automatically lock and arm around your property. Forgot your family member was coming over; let them in to your home remotely through our secure remote access systems.
  • Entertainment – with a single touch of a button have all areas of lighting lit up to the ideal level for entertaining, with your favourite playlist ready to play on all your speakers across your home at the exact volume and quality you desire.

Control from anywhere

The best thing about home automation? You don’t even have to be at home to control your systems. Anywhere you have an internet connection around the world, you can control everything from lighting and security to climate and access control, all with the touch of a button. Simply open the app on your tablet or smartphone. Multiple users can be added, so your family or household staff can access the system should they need to.

The finest components

At Boutique AV, we’re picky when it comes to the parts, components and software we use. We have worked hard to develop exclusive relationships with premier distributors and suppliers. This enables us to design and install custom automation systems with every element hand-picked, from robust security equipment, crystal-clear speakers, integrated lighting to the whisper-quiet motors on your blinds.

Old-school service

Our home automation options might seem futuristic, but we’re all about old-fashioned service. We understand the importance of the investment you’re making in your home. That’s why, from the moment you start your project, you’ll be in no doubt that you’re our top priority. Boutique AV also offers outstanding post-installation support, including training, re-programming and maintenance. If your needs should change in the future, we can arrange seamless upgrades and alterations on site or remotely.

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