Invisible Wall Speakers

An audio experience that you will not believe. If you’ve ever wandered in to a high-end boutique, gallery or modern restaurant surrounded in sound – yet not a speaker in sight – chances are you wondered how they did it. These sophisticated speaker systems are not just hidden behind screens, plants and décor features. They’re blended in to the very walls themselves.

Completely invisible

Boutique AV’s invisible speaker solutions are installed directly in to your wall or ceiling surface. They are then finished so as to blend in to the surrounding space perfectly. There are very few material limitations. Your speakers can blend with drywall and paint, Venetian plaster, wallpaper, or even veneers of timber or ceramic.

Our audio specialists have dedicated considerable hours and resources to researching and testing invisible speaker systems. We’re proud to have developed systems that maximise sound quality, without compromising aesthetics.

Renovating or redecorating? We’re happy to work with your designer or architect to ensure your invisible speakers are sonically properly placed. Your speakers will be custom installed by one of our professionally trained fitters. As experienced specialists, we take a collaborative approach to ensure your project meets your expectations and is completed with the highest attention to detail.

We can visit you on site to discuss your project. Alternatively, email us or call 1300 933 933 to book a demonstration at our showroom.

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