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Outdoor entertaining. It’s the reason you’ve put your heart in to crafting gardens and alfresco spaces that reflect your life and style.

As all luxe hospitality connoisseurs know, an unforgettable experience is about more than what you see. Shade, sun, spotlighting, exquisite food, the right company – a perfect party is built from the ground up. The one element that can make or break it is the music. Too loud, and you’ll be in your neighbours’ bad books. Too fuzzy, and your guests will be distracted. Too soft, or inaudible in ‘dead spots’, and you may as well have no music.

That’s where landscape audio comes in.

As the name suggests, landscape audio is a sound system that’s designed to fit seamlessly with your outdoor spaces. Control your music outdoors just as you would indoors. Speakers are practically invisible, spaced at strategic intervals so as to project sound where you need it (and not over the fence, or in to unused spaces). It’s perfectly even, pristine performance, on tap.

How would we describe the ethos of landscape audio? One word: immersive.

Introducing Our Preferred Supplier

Our preferred supplier is an award-winning outdoor audio company with over 30 years’ experience blurring the lines between landscape and soundscape. Based in Southern California, they’ve pioneered the ‘architectural speaker’ and other unobtrusive audio innovations. Their products and systems feature in a stunning array of premier venues and public spaces, not to mention elite homes all over the world.

Their landscape audio range has been designed and refined to deliver perfect volume throughout your outdoor space. Not only is each speaker unit totally camouflaged, but placement is flexible and scalable. This makes the range ideal for a variety of different properties, including sloping sites, sprawling gardens, narrow plots and more.

Boutique AV staff have the experience and training necessary to be recognised as recommended installers of our suppliers’ systems and components. We have the only showroom in Melbourne where you can experience their architectural speakers in person. Our crew have the product knowledge and practical experience to make the most of your investment, tailoring each product’s potential to your detailed requirements.

Get a taste for our supplier’s aesthetic by viewing the video below. Alternatively, you can download a brochure here. When you’re ready to find out more, contact the Boutique AV team on 1300 933 933, or by email.

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