Multi-room Audio

Never miss a beat again. With co-ordinated multi-room audio, you can enjoy a seamless music experience as you move from room to room. No muffling, no change in volume, no drop-outs, and no running to the other end of the house to change songs.

Elegant custom systems for true audiophiles

Boutique AV’s audio specialists offer a variety of wired and wireless solutions, using the latest processor and speaker technology from around the world.

The design process begins with analysing your space. We examine the acoustics and the physical properties of each room your system will operate in. If necessary, upgrades can be made to optimise sound distribution. We’ll also get to know your lifestyle and your musical preferences, as these will affect how your system is customised. Love partying to bass-heavy beats? Want to entertain with classical music, reproduced in perfect tone? Need to chill out to rich, resonant jazz and blues? We’ve got you covered.

Then comes layout. At Boutique AV, we love subtle, ‘invisible’ speaker installations. After all, a chunky speaker box shouldn’t be the focal point of your room. Even the most sophisticated audio technology can be improved with carefully considered placement.

Simple to control

Control your playlist from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. There are no fixed interfaces, meaning you can play music from wherever you are in the house. Our simple wireless control systems are simple enough to be used by anyone in the family.

Having custom multi-room audio, built from the ground up, means you can blend old and new to suit your personal style. Still love your vinyl? We can integrate a turntable in to a system that also plays digital audio files. Long-time loyal listener of radio? We can help you program your system to switch over to radio at set times, so you never miss your favourite program.

Start exploring

Our showroom page is a must-visit, to explore our multi-room audio options as installed. If we’ve piqued your interest, please feel free to get in touch with the Boutique AV team for a complimentary consultation. You can reach us at 1300 933 933, or at

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