Networking & WiFi

Having a fast and reliable WiFi network in the home is essential in this day and age. The average Australian home contains roughly 25 internet connected devices, which is set to increase to 35 by 2025. This includes the obvious things like laptops, iPads, and phones, but also smart devices like fridges, coffee machines, TVs, Audio systems, and even security and lighting devices.

Reliable Home Networks for Heavy Streaming

Statistics from Q1 2023 showed that the average home had around 3.4 subscribed streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, Kayo, etc), and most of these services provide 4K content to users. This level of bandwidth, spread throughout a home, can put significant strain on a basic “off-the-shelf” WiFi system. How frustrating is it when you finally get to put your feet up at the end of the day and continue watching that new Netflix series you have been looking forward to, only to find that it’s constantly buffering and looking pixelated, or maybe just not streaming at all!

To reliably supply fast internet access to such a myriad of devices spread throughout your property, you need a robust WiFi and Network system. The days when we could simply rely on the WiFi signal coming from the router supplied by your internet provider are numbered, especially in larger homes where the signal quickly becomes weaker as you move away from the location of this router. More importantly though, is making sure you don’t spend the majority of your evenings and weekends listening to the nearly constant symphony of “Mum, Dad, the internet is not working!!”, while your children are trying to get online to study or play games with their friends.

Advanced Networking for the Modern Home

Our engineered Network and WiFi solutions come with a “No Whining” guarantee! We design systems based on the construction drawings of your home, utilising specialised software that factors in the thickness and materials of your walls, how many stories the home has, and where the highest traffic areas in the home are likely to be. We can even ensure that you have a perfect WiFi connection in the far corners of your backyard, for those times you just want to listen to music while out in the garden.

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