Rack Systems

With the abundance of technology in your home and business, the question arises: where should all the hardware be housed? Our approach is built around a central equipment rack topology, and there are several reasons why we take this approach.

Efficient & Aesthetic Integration

Firstly, we understand that besides the visible elements like TVs, or interactive elements such as touchscreens and keypads, all other equipment should remain hidden from sight. This ensures that your home or business maintains its beautiful aesthetics without any unsightly distractions.

Secondly, our equipment racks are thoughtfully designed to optimise airflow and cooling. This consideration not only prolongs the life of your devices but also ensures stable operation regardless of the weather or how much you use the system.

Moreover, locating the equipment securely within the rack(s) with expertly routed cabling makes servicing, replacements, and upgrades significantly easier and quicker. Additionally, this setup provides a safety benefit, preventing kids or pets from getting entangled in a messy web of cables.

Our experience has shown that a professionally installed rack can even increase the value of your home. When prospective buyers encounter a property with state-of-the-art technology, but it’s all disorganised and cluttered with cables, it can raise concerns about the overall technological state. However, our solutions are meticulously organised, tidy, and fully documented, ensuring hassle-free operation and servicing for you or any future owners.

Stylish Technology for Enhanced Home Value

Our racks are so aesthetically pleasing that many of our customers have requested them to be recessed into the walls of their main living areas or hallways. This creates a striking feature of beautifully installed technology, further enhancing the overall ambience of the space.

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