Security & CCTV

Integrated security systems are about more than preventing intrusions. They’re about safety – you, and your family. They’re about protecting a lifetime of memories and investments. Most of all, they’re about peace of mind.

At Boutique AV, most of our automated systems start with the backbone of a security system. Our consultants can show you the endless possibilities that can become from one of our automated security panels. We have experienced security system designers and installers to execute your custom security system design. From simple systems through to fully integrated and automated systems, we will help you secure your home.


Closed circuit television is an established way to keep an eye on a property in real time. But contemporary technology offers you the potential to go far beyond standard monitoring services.

Imagine being able to check in on your property, from anywhere in the world, via your mobile smart devices. Or being able to monitor your property on your grounds through any of your HD TVs. CCTV is a very quickly adapting form of security for your household and we at Boutique AV can design and install a surveillance system around your home.

Video intercom systems

Unwanted visitors can be more than a hassle – they can be a threat. Video intercom systems allow you to see who’s at the front door/gate, and speak to them, without being seen. At the touch of a button, you can then choose to unlock your front gate or door and admit the visitor. Or, deny their entry all from the safe position of not having to open a door.

Security alarms

Up-to-the-minute alarm technology goes far beyond a keypad and a loud noise. With a custom integrated security system, you’re in control of the barriers you put in place, and the information you gather about intruders. For example, you can control your alarm via a fingerprint with individual guided access scenes according to each user in your home. You can choose to coordinate your home automation with your security, so that lights are switched on when the alarm is tripped. With other advancements, the more sophisticated systems can tell the difference between humans and pets, so there’s no need to worry that your furry friends will trip the alarm. Additionally, the Boutique AV team provides full training so you and your family can use your security system with confidence.

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